Issuing Payments in a COVID environment

Impact of Covid 19 on 2020-21 filings
October 4, 2020
Happy Holidays
December 27, 2022

State tax payment season is upon us. The staff at Indurante has been fortunate to be able to work both in the office and remotely for the last several months so issuing tax payments on behalf of our clients has not been an issue.  We understand that some companies are still finding challenges in issuing payments to vendors and taxing jurisdictions, particularly when no electronic payment method is available or free. We have been offering temporary state payment service for companies that are not able to issue checks. Unfortunately, the states have not been extending payment due dates for our tax type; excuses for non-payment due to working remotely, etc. have fallen on deaf ears. 

Indurante has begun to utilize and we encourage clients to utilize e-payments for the state payments where it is available or required. For companies who pay their own state taxes, we will continue to provide instructions for both payment options where these e-payments are free of additional fees. In taxing jurisdictions where a convenience fee or flat fee applies, we do not advise using this service unless necessary.

If you are mailing a payment, we are also advising our clients to mail their payments early. Most state and county taxing jurisdictions honor the postmark issued by the post office. Given the current conditions of work environments due to the pandemic and the upcoming election, we are encouraging clients to issue payments early and to use a delivery service with tracking to avoid late fees and interest.

The silver lining of this challenging time is we are faced with meeting and overcoming obstacles. It forces change and innovation to old habits.  If your company is struggling with issuing tax payments on time, please let us know so that we can help you find a solution.

Stay safe and healthy!

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