Impact of Covid 19 on 2020-21 filings
October 4, 2020

We are excited to announce Indurante is currently working on building and developing a new software system exclusively dedicated to the property tax filings, assessments and tax bill verification for owners and lessors of railcars not owned by the Class I railroads. Railmarx has been formulated with the expert knowledge of the Indurante team and the specialists at Engaged Innovations who are creating the ambition and bringing it to life.

This new system enhances the already successful tried and tested methods Indurante has employed while improving the tax filings, data analysis, and client documentation access for our trusted client’s property tax valuations and taxes. The proprietary software will ultimately bring online access to our clients (to be announced at a later date) and will also have capabilities to produce a variety of new and analytical reports to bring our services to a new level. Indurante continues to look to the future and is ready to evolve and adapt to the latest technologies available to us. Phase one is on track to be released by the 2020-2021 tax season.

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